SnabbMed App Team

About us

Andreas Nearchou

Co-Founder & General Manager

Andreas is an Oncologist (MD, PhDc), working remotely for a clinic and a similar platform in Sweden. His relevant experience is valuable.

Georgios Tsomidis

Co-Founder & Operations

George (BF & ML PhDc), has significant working & managerial experience with data processing projects/small startups and large companies.

Konstantinos Balamotis

Senior Software Engineer

His experience, as lead developer in many startups, is more than enough to ensure that our service will be technologically state-of-the-art.

Michalis Perakis

Senior Backend Developer

His experience as backend developer can ensure that our service will have the operational stability necessary.

Georgios Salaris

Web Developer

George has great experience in various small projects and his technological insights will be of great importance.

Ioannis Vekris

Senior Pricing Analyst

Ioannis’ experience in large multinational companies will be beneficial for our business strategy.

Anastasia Chatzilena

Medical Data & Statistics

Anastasia (PhDc) has significant research experience on epidemology and data processing. She will be in charge of our database & statistics.

Karolos Karamolegkos

Digital Marketeer

Karolos’ substantial experience will provide to the company, the customers’ journeymap in order to increase visits and enhance experience.