SnabbMed App

Get to know the application

reduce your doctor appointments

SnabbMed App allows you to drastically reduce your doctor appointments. Save time and money

chat with licenced medical practicioners

SnabbMed App gives you instant access to chat with licenced medical practitioners about your health

file your medical record

With SnabbMed App you can upload any medical file you want and have access to it anytime you want

find the solution for your health problem

Choose from a variety of medical health practitioners and find the solution to your health problem with ease

book your appointment easily

With SnabbMed App you can pick the date and time of your appointment according to your schedule

Safe medical records on cloud

SnabbMed App is fully GDRP complied. Your medical record and personal data is safe with us, along with your health

Your online medical center!

SnabbMed offers a comprehensive communication system between doctors, health professionals and patients. It is a fully protected digital environment, according to EU Commision and G.D.P.R. legislation guidelines, where sensitive medical data can be safely communicated and stored. Create digital medical records for your patients, where with the assistance of supervisory charts you will be able to have a complete overview of their health status. Contact them via chat or video call. Arrange your appointments accurately. Give medical advice, consultancy  and instructions through the application and thus ensure the avoidance of misinterpretations by patients. Set the Artificial Intelligence of the application as an assistant and make your function more effective. Manage your professional time with efficiency.

Always beside them

Offer your patients the security they seek through their smartphone or tablet app. Change their daily routine by providing them with a reliable system of communication, organization and supervision of their health. Add extra value to the help you offer. Let technology work to your advantage.

Your Doctor's office, on your smartphone

Fully vote for your practice through SnabbMed and upgrade from traditional to modern methods of organization. Adopt paperless archiving through strict time series. Search for whatever information you need, wherever you are, for any patient, through the application (smartphone/PC). SnabbMed brings efficiency to your work. Save valuable business time.

Easy Access

Get access to this group of citizens who want remote communication with a doctor or a nurse. It also concerns those citizens who need periodic formal visits but without the need for their physical presence. Get access to anyone and everything you can consult remotely and provide a solution.